Cybersecurity for OT.

 Cybersecurity is important. We see it regularly on the news. Production systems that get hacked and companies who loose a lot of money and even worse. The national infrastructure gets compromised, people get hurt. And this is only what gets to the news. There are many companies that can help you with your IT security but the OT requirements are different. Luckily there is the ISA/IEC-62443 standard that, alongside your ISO-27001 program, can take care of the security of the OT Systems. 

We can help you!

We are developing a tool and a program on how to use it so that you use the ISA/IEC 62443 standards to make your system secure. Our goal is that you can be self supporting. We want to help you, not make you dependent on us. Our business model is not based on selling as much consultancy hours as possible. 

Some highlights:

You own the data
All data is stored in a SQL database. This can be a file on a single computer, a SQL server ‘on your premises’ or a invocation in the cloud. You choose!
It is offline
No links required into your process environment. No extra risks or costs for production.
Vendor neutral

 No matter which products you use the tool can help you. You can use validated components or do the validation yourself.

We will teach you

We have a learning environment to guide you how to use the tool to make your assessment(s) compliant.

OT security is in our genes

The people behind the tool are official ISA certified Subject Matter Experts, trainers and course developers. Not only on ISA62443 but also on ISA88 and ISA95.

Early Access

You found us before the official release of the product. That is cool. If you want us to keep you updated on the progress just fill out the contact form. If you want to join our early access program that is possible too. We do warn you: early access is only for a limited number of companies who want to help in the development and are not afraid they might find a bug (or two).